Who we are

Advanced hot-wire cutting systems

Nettuno Sistemi is a company founded in 2000, that operates in the manufacturing of CNC hot wire cutting machines used for the processing of both expanded and etruded Polystyrene. Our productive, technical and administrative staff is made of higly qualified personnel that work with passion and care thanks to the fact that we have been users before being manufacturers. This is what made us take care about the innovations that the market needs more and more.
For Nettuno Sistemi, proposing groundbreaking, strong, well performing, but first of all, easy to use machines is the main goal that has always characterized us: in a commercial landscape made of machines that are perplexing and puzzling to the majority of the users, it's important to offer systems that are easier to be used also for those people who don't have all the specific knowledge that would be essential to have nowadays; we dramatically reduce the time and resources needed for the training, that was long and expensive. Besides manufacturing their systems, Nettuno implements all the electronics including the software, directing to the conception of much more intuitive interfaces, even for the less trained users. The opportunity given to our customers, to benefit from a team of designers, that constantly provide their experience to those who have never managed a CAD design, can only give a small idea of how our company is present in each step of the production.

Il nostro Team